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The Promise of a Community's Future is Dependent on the Remembrance of It's Past


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The Stephenson County Genealogical Society (SCGS) was organized in 1967.  It was formed as an independent, not for profit society from the Genealogical Committee of the Stephenson County Historical Society.

The guiding principles of SCGS are RESEARCH - PRESERVATION - EDUCATION

MISSION STATEMENT - The MISSION of the Stephenson County Genealogical Society is to serve the community through the preservation of and access to genealogical records and through education in the methods of genealogical research.

VISION STATEMENT - The VISION of the Stephenson County Genealogical Society is to create for the community an open, inclusive and collaborative learning environment that is built on respect, integrity and communication.  To pursue excellence through continuous learning of genealogical preservation and research methodologies.  To enrich community access to history through creativity and investment in innovation.

The PURPOSE of the Stephenson County Genealogical Society is as follows:
     1.  To assist members and interested persons in pursuit of genealogical information
     2.  To share information on methods of research and location and availability of
                resource materials, as we are able
     3.  To acquire/obtain any historical information/material for the support of genealogical

     4.  To maintain in good and usable condition all materials housed in the History Room
               of the Freeport Public Library for the support of genealogical research
5.  To share genealogical information
     6.  To teach the general public the value of genealogical information and ways to obtain
               and use the information found
     7.  To provide competent speakers and other types of programs on various phases of
               genealogical research, local history and special topics whenever possible