Highland Lifelong Learning: Four classes on genealogy for Fall 2017

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The Stephenson County Genealogical Society, based in Freeport, Illinois, welcomes both Stephenson County residents and researchers from around the globe with ties to Stephenson County to access information, learn about Stephenson County genealogy and request assistance in your family history journey.

SCGS Volunteers in the Frances Woodhouse Local History Room

The week of June 26 thru July 1, 2017
Monday, June 19  9am to noon — Karen
Tuesday, June 20 1pm to 5pm — Terry
Wednesday, June 21  10am to 2pm — Lois
Thursday, June 22  9am to noon — Merry
2pm to 6:00pm — Donna
Friday, June 23 9am to noon — Ladona
Saturday, June 24 9am to noon — Nancy

Banner photos from the Larson Collection, property of the Stephenson County Genealogical Society

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