Mystery Item Needs Identification!

Can you identify this commemorative coin? Have you seen it before? What is it???

We’re hoping to learn what this item, found in one of SCGS’ boxes, is and if you know, please email us!

It’s  2 3/4″ diameter, fairly lightweight, silver in color and pretty likely machine cut.  It has Lincoln’s profile on the front with the years 1809-1861 underneath.  These dates identify Lincoln’s birth and first inauguration.

The back has an identifiable “lump” of something–maybe a rock or marker of some kind, a leaf and the text: This government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free.  A quote from Lincoln’s “Nation Half Divided” speech given in Springfield at the kickoff of his campaign for Illinois Senator against Stephen Douglas.

As most know, this was the campaign that brought Lincoln to Freeport, Illinois which resulted in the “Freeport Doctrine” that Douglas put forth claiming a territory had the right to exclude despite irrespective of any Supreme Court decisions.

For more information on the Freeport debate, check out the National Park Service’s Lincoln’s Home website.