SCGS Meeting Update

Next meeting:
Thursday, August 2nd
Freeport Family History Center

6pm        SCGS Business Meeting

6:30pm  Robert McDonald, Freeport Family History Center with an update on the Center and a discussion of changes to  FHC is providing cookies and beverages!


Freeport Family History Center
1716 Forest Drive
Parking available
All doors will be open; signage will direct us to meeting space

Free Genealogy Programs at Stephenson County Senior Resource Center


July 16, 2018       1-2pm followed by Q&A

Basic Genealogy Tools II

There’s no one right way to develop your family tree but there are plenty of tools to help you get it right.  This session (for beginner to intermediate family genealogists) introduces the tools at your fingertips—both online and right down the block.  Discover some of the less-commonly used resources that are easily available at our own courthouse, county clerk’s office and Freeport Public Library’s History Room.  Investigate state- and federally-held records also available from your home or the library.

August 20, 2018 1-2pm followed by Q&A

Using Successfully

Ancestry is an absolutely incredible resource for the family genealogist but can cause more confusion than we’d like.  This session, for all levels of family genealogists, focuses on the pitfalls and the amazing depth of resources available through the site, which is available—for free!—in the History Room at the Freeport Public Library.

September 17, 2018  1-2pm followed by Q&A

DNA 101               

To test or not to test?  The first question really is, “why?”  There are a number of reasons why people get their DNA tested but most are less than certain of the other “Ws.”  What company is best for your needs? Who will I find if I do test? When is the best time to order a test? How do I make best use of the results of my DNA test?  We’ll discuss all of these questions and more on this incredibly invaluable genealogy resource.

Forensic Genealogy--Law Enforcement & DNA

Introduction to Genealogy

Local Haunted Farmhouse Genealogy