Ladona Wardlow

There is no greater hidden gem in Stephenson County Genealogical Society than our volunteers and we’d like to highlight one of our favorite, longtime ones, Ladona Wardlow.  After more than 17 years as a volunteer for the Freeport Public Library, this Saturday, August 26th, will be Ladona’s last day working in the Frances Woodhouse History Room.

Ladona has been a true gem to both the library and the Genealogical Society and we take this opportunity to thank her for her time, effort and support of those within and without the Stephenson County community.  If you have been fortunate enough to be helped by Ladona over the years, we encourage you to stop by the Woodhouse History Room (first floor, Freeport Public Library) this Saturday to help us thank her in person.

The Stephenson County Genealogical Society will honor Ladona, through her request, by purchasing a copy of the next edition of Frank Doherty’s The Settlers of the Beekman Patent in her name.

Once again, please stop in the History Room this Saturday, August 26th to wish Ladona “happy retirement”!